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family law and matrimonial law imageFamily law and matrimonial law cases can be very complex. Facing the prospect of the dissolution of your marriage is a trying and emotional experience.  Your choice in legal representation should not be.  Aronsohn Weiner Salerno & Kaufman, P.C. recognizes that each case is unique. We provide compassionate and practical advice in a most cost-effective fashion.  Whether addressing spousal or child support; custody and/or parenting time issues; the division of assets/liabilities, including real and personal property, businesses and business valuations, retirement assets, stocks and stock options or other property, our attorneys are experienced and handle complex divorce matters for professionals, business owners and their spouses in high-asset property distribution matters, as well as basic matters.  We appear regularly in Courts throughout the State of New Jersey. Our family law and matrimonial law attorneys understand the need for cost-effective representation and are effective advocates with skills in both negotiations and litigation, and are prepared to provide zealous, yet prudent representation throughout all phases of your case.

Domestic Violence

Have you been served with a Temporary Restraining Order? Do you require the court’s protection from an abusive spouse? Have you been accused of committing an act of domestic violence? Our family and matrimonial law attorneys are skilled in guiding you through the process of filing an application for a restraining order against your spouse, representing you at the Final Restraining Order hearing.  If an individual has obtained a restraining order against you, we are well versed in the relevant case law in this area and can represent you.

Department of Children Protection and Permanency

One of the most frightening experiences for any parent occurs when the Department of Children Protection and Permanency (“DCPP”) and the police arrive unexpectedly at your door. Dealing with DCPP can be a frustrating and emotional experience when it seems as though DCPP can merely do as they please. Our attorneys, however, are extremely experienced in representing clients in DCPP related matters throughout the state and understand the nuances associated DCPP proceedings. We are prepared to assist you and have the familiarity and knowledge to guide you through the process. 

Mediation or Arbitration? 

Mediation or arbitration are often cost-effective approaches. Our attorneys have experience in mediating disputes involving divorce and custody related issues.  Whether one of our attorneys represents and works with you during the mediation and arbitration process or serves as the mediator or arbitrator, we welcome the opportunity to promote a positive alternative dispute resolution of your case. Richard H. Weiner and Barry L. Kaufman are frequently appointed to serve as mediators or selected as arbitrators. Each brings a high level of sophistication and practical experience to each case they are appointed to mediate or arbitrate.

Unable to Maintain the Level of Support Agreed Upon?

Whether due to the downturn of the current economy or for your own personal reasons, you are unable to maintain the level of support you previously agreed to pay or were ordered to pay to your spouse at the time of your divorce, we can assist in filing an application to the court to modify and/or terminate support. The firm also drafts, reviews and negotiates pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements for our clients.


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